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The All-In-One Scheduling Software & Payroll Program Designed Specifically for Security Guard Companies

Human Resources

SchedSoft Human Resources are the perfect solution to the needs of security guard companies. 

We are not the Human Resource Software that you pay a ton of money for and that every bell and whistle.  We have the basics that you need to run your security guard  company.  AND, here is the best part.  When you use SchedSoft’s  Scheduling and Payroll software, the HR system is FREE.  


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SchedSoft HR for Full Integration

SchedSoft’s HR information fully integrates with the SchedSoft’s Scheduling and Payroll system.  Enter the information just one time and it automatically becomes part of the schedule and the payroll.   No more duplication information.

SchedSoft automatically integrates pay card and banking information. 

SchedSoft Has the Features You Need

Manage Applicants
Manage Hiring
Orientation Class
Training Document
Conduct Reports
Manage Employee Files
Search Employees
Tax Forms
Store Reports
Census Information
Pay Rates
Wage Increase Forms
Check Request Forms
Vacation Tracking
Day off Tracking
Health Insurance Compliance
Draw Request
Uniform Issuance
Uniform Return
GPS location coordinates
LMS testing


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SchedSoft HR System Protects You

SchedSoft’s HR system warns you when officer’s have not completed fingerprinting, state forms, city forms, and more.  When certifications are about to expire, you and the officer will be notified to renew.  


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SchedSoft Guard Scheduling and Payroll